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Hello! I'm David Hicks and I have been working with shutters and window frames for over 25 years. I am passionate about windows and I always make my best to design and install the best frameworks and shutters no matter the size or the style. I have gathered so much expertise and knowledge that there is no type of window I can't handle! Let me take matters in my hands and provide you with my best service! 

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Window shutters aren't just my job. They are my passion and my favourite thing to do. So I put my everything into it. I am a bit detail obsessive, which means that I will take great care to provide you with the best service that you can get, and all products I manufacture for you will be just perfect. Find the size, the colour and the style that you want for your house, or if you're not sure what you want, let me give you a bit of advice based on the massive experience I've gathered throughout the years.

I never have problems with my clients as they are always satisfied with my work, but just for your peace of mind all my windows and shutters are guaranteed work. If you don't like something about them or you feel that I didn't manage to understand your request, you will have the work undone and your money back in no time!


Best suppliers for your window shutters

After so many years of having this job, I have met lots of people. I have worked with many wood and chape suppliers, and now I can tell which ones are the best and which ones you should avoid. In other words, I work with the best materials, from hinges to waterproof paint. My window shutters are very competitive in quality and appearance, and you can be sure that they will always fit!

I have also trained all my staff myself, and now every person who works with me is fully capacitated and competent to do the work just as well as I would do it. You can trust every single one, as they will do the best job installing your brand new window shutters.

Get quality and style for the cheapest price!

I love my work and I put my all into it, and I don't like to overcharge my clients. I know where to get supplies that are good not only in quality but also in price, so I can offer great deals to my own clients. Also, I like to make discounts for large orders of shutters, so if you are planning to install a couple shutters in your home, consider changing the whole set so it matches, and I will lower the price for you.

Contact me now and get a free quotation for your window shutters! Just send the aproximate measurements of your windows and I will send you an estimate right away. You can fall in love again with your house with my window shutters!


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